Are you a morning person?

Personally, I find that saying… “The early bird gets the worm” to be particularly gross. Yes, I do understand the importance of worms and the equally important notion of the bird eating them. But seriously. Is this what happens early? I don’t want to see that.

OK, so that’s not the real reason I‘ve successfully been snoozing through 6am, 7am and even 8am in recent times. Actually, I just haven’t wanted to get out of bed.

Argh! Groundhog day. Another morning, another mocking sunrise, more unfiltered natural beauty, more opportunities to pursue, more inspiring conversations. Harsh existence right!

Photo by Georgina Steytler on Unsplash

Pretty silly when I think about it like that.

But sometimes life is sluggish and slow, daybreak no matter how beautiful is difficult to step into and days, no matter how varied are tedious.

I’ve been looking for a way to jolt my health (and therefore motivation) back into gear for some time now. I’ve tried online programs, apps, self-motivation, self-flagellation, reading, copying, discussing… and yet, the only thing that’s worked (read not worked) thus far is wine.

Wine doesn’t really care if I worked out today or not, it’s not concerned with clean eating and it’s highly supportive of a fried, salty diet washed down with something sugary sweet.

Wellness and I have never been easy companions, perhaps this is because I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid any major health issues to date. I will admit it’s also influenced by the fact that I do have ridiculously high standards and my version of health probably raises slightly higher expectations that the daily McDonalds crew.

Nevertheless, I have become aware in recent times that my clothes weren’t fitting quite right and the space between my ears seemed to be filled with cotton wool. I also realised that I’m not getting any further away from 50 and even though I’m not launching myself onto the downhill slide, it really is time to create some changes for the sake of my older self.

It happened quite accidentally. I found myself drawn to the wellness industry and what started with a little project has turned into a fully blown business concept. I keep a note that my greatest motivation comes via business ideas…

Nevertheless, through this I met a new colleague who just happens to run detox programs. Before I knew it I said yes, cleaned out my pantry and fridge and replaced anything with numbers, gluten and dairy to things that are organic, plant based and fresh (aside of a few things my kids still insist on).

Today is day 5. Now, there’s two ways I can look at day 5…

  1. Day 5 Without processed sugar, alcohol, additives, most gluten and dairy. or
  2. Day 5 WITH spray free veges, plant based protein, new ideas, recipes and connections

I notice in my body that when I articulate the second statement it feels exciting, the right thing to be doing. It isn’t going without really.

I’ve also been having the strangest dreams and today I woke up at 5am (I’ve been waking at 5am each day) fresh, full of energy and with a clear mind. Now that alone is worth the change.

It’s going to be a big day at work today and already two blog posts in I’m ready for it.

Looks like I did get the worm after all.

Kerry Grace is an entrepreneur, community builder and mum. She is based in regional Australia

Economic and community development practitioner. Useful tips for people who DO.

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