How are you right now?

No. Not in a fleeting, polite sense of the question. I mean really, how are you? Really?

Do you know? Are you feeling numb? Or overwhelmed by a whole smorgasbord of emotions? Are you still too busy to think about it?

Take your time.

There’s a lot to process. A lot of change. Constant change.

And if you stop still enough for just a moment to think it through you may start to consider that ‘normal’ as we once knew it is never, ever going to be again.

It’s OK to be sad about that…

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Welcome back.

By now most of us are back at the desk, clacking away, wondering what happened to our steely resolve on our new year’s resolutions. I don’t bother setting those anymore. I do indulge in setting a theme for the year — this year it’s IMPACT.

As 2020 merged to 2021 I sipped tea (quite honestly this is rare for me) and made some space to think. I thought about the year that was, and the year ahead and I asked myself what I saw unfolding in the broader environment around me. Outside of my own echo chamber, outside…

Are you a morning person?

Personally, I find that saying… “The early bird gets the worm” to be particularly gross. Yes, I do understand the importance of worms and the equally important notion of the bird eating them. But seriously. Is this what happens early? I don’t want to see that.

OK, so that’s not the real reason I‘ve successfully been snoozing through 6am, 7am and even 8am in recent times. Actually, I just haven’t wanted to get out of bed.

Argh! Groundhog day. Another morning, another mocking sunrise, more unfiltered natural beauty, more opportunities to pursue, more inspiring conversations…

Entrepreneur, social entrepreneur and intrapraneur are all titles I’ve worn through the past 24 years (or maybe a little more). Sometimes comfortably, sometimes not so.

Over the years I’ve discovered I’m wired for entrepreneurial thinking, something that was nurtured in the family home from a very young age. I’ve also discovered that people don’t always appreciate, understand nor support this frame of mind. As I edge closer to 50 I’m OK with that.

Me: full swing at a leadership event in 2016. Pic by my sister Robyn Grace

Growing up on a dairy farm in regional Australia my dad dealt his lessons in entrepreneurship in numerous ways. Two examples I recall are (1) The lesson…

Round about this time of the year a lot of parents say goodbye to their beloveds sending them off into a heady abyss of learning, drinking and re-thinking. It’s the university experience I’m writing about on this occasion but it could just as easily be leaving home in general…This year is the first time such experience has tapped me on the shoulder. Oh. My. Goodness.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Let’s be honest here, I’ve been preparing for today for the past 18 and a bit years. I knew, I’ve always known that some day this kid, my first born will fly the coup, I’ve…

Tips to wrangle the anxiety before it takes over.

Featured image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Forward: I originally wrote this post on my blog 12 months ago. Since putting the strategies in place — and let’s face it, the bottom line… facing my shit, anxiety has taken a back seat in my life. I know, it’s not going to be so easy (and believe me this was not easy) for everyone, but at the very least, the following tips will not do you wrong. Look after you.

Wrangling anxiety

Another work trip. Another hotel. I’d been doing this for a long, long time and sitting within…

It might be easier than you think

Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash

Solo parenting — any parenting is not always easy. However, it may be a whole lot easier than your mind may tell you it should be. The choice is yours to see your role as a parent as a horrid, gruelling punishment of your sins and bad choices OR a blessing full of many and varied life lessons and opportunities. I choose the latter.

Solo-parenting can actually be quite rewarding no matter what your work role is. Personally, I find the stimulation of work as something to keep me connected with the world. …


When is it OK to support the middle man?

A few days after the bushfires started in my local community in regional Australia I put some feelers out to find a locally based Non-profit organisation to create a fund for cash donations.


The first reason was a response to the bags and bags and bags of ‘stuff’ I saw at all of my local recovery centres. Stuff that was not likely to be distributed in its entirety for the next decade, stuff that was half used, covered in plastic and otherwise just useless.

How to do the days you’re rather not do

Kerry Grace, NSW Australia

No matter how hard you try NOT to, some day, one of those days is going to track you down. You know what I’m writing about. It’s the days that just feel like crawling under a rock (if that is possible?) and shutting out the rest of the world. The days that start with stubbing your toe and end with sediment as you pour the last glass of Cab Sav into your glass.

Before I go on a disclaimer — there are those days, and then there is depression. I’m not…

Why habit measurement is more important than SMART Goals

Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar on Unsplash

Do you have a goal that hangs about, refusing to budge no matter how many good intentions you throw towards it?

You know those goals… The ones you imagine would be nice to achieve, life changing or even critical to your ongoing life. These are the goals that seem to have a merry-go-round effect. They keep swinging around into your consciousness (maybe even on an hourly basis) each time with a sillier look and a passionate wave “Hi, I’m still here, are you paying attention?

It’s as if these slippery suckers…

Kerry Grace

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